• Healy Group's Product & Service Brochure

    Introducing Healy Group's New Product & Service brochure.


    Learn more about Healy Group's wide range of ingredients and technical solutions, in addition to our warehousing and Innovation Kitchen facilities. 

  • Healy Health & Nutrition Brochure

    Take a look at Healy Group's New Health & Nutrition Brochure


    This brochure contains details of Healy Group's wide range of nutraceutical ingredients, from amino acids and vitamins to herbal supplements.

  • Healy Group's Animal Nutrition Brochure

    Download Healy Group's Animal Nutrition Brochure


    To find out more about how Healy Group can assist you with your animal feed ingredients and supplements, please take a look at our brochure.

  • Healy Group April 2015 Newsletter

    Healy Group’s April Newsletter is ready! Take a look to find out more about:


    • Food Technology & Innovation – Pat McDonagh discusses advances in our range of Vegan Blend Solutions and Clean Label Starches
    • Our Partners, Emsland Group – Mark Powell talks about our long-established relationship with one of the world’s leading potato starch manufacturers
    • The Healy Innovation Centre – Read more about how our centre can help you demonstrate your products and drive sales
    • Quality and Charity – Including our recent BRC accreditation and Charity of the Year nominations
  • Healy Group January 2015 Newsletter

    Healy Group’s first ever newsletter is here, a quarterly publication which presents group and industry news and keeps you up-to-date with our innovative solutions to industry challenges.


    This New Year special provides you with information about our recent activities and plans for 2015, with the following articles written by selected team members:


    • Innovation & Solutions
    • Featured Supplier
    • The Healy Foundation
    • Quality
    • Group News
  • Healy Group July 2015 Newsletter

    Keep your finger on the pulse by learning more about ingredients and market trends.


    On the menu this month…


    • The Gluten-Free Challenge – Joelle Lincoln discusses ways to overcome challenges within the gluten-free sector
    • Emsland’s Empure™ – Mark Powell talks about an ever-widening clean-label starch range
    • Kikkoman – Learn about the iconic soy sauce brand and what makes it stand out from the competition
    • The Healy Foundation – Including the One Percent Difference campaign and our recent adventures in the skies
  • Healy Group October 2015 Newsletter

    Issue 4 : October 2015


    Keep afloat of industry developments this Autumn with Healy News.


    In this issue we look at the latest news to hit the marketplace, from new ingredients to industry challenges:


    • Healy Group Europe – We welcome Frank Steenbakker, Managing Director of our dedicated industrial chemistry branch, Healy Group Europe
    • Industry Challenge: Sugar Reduction – Joelle Lincoln discusses market research data surrounding the trend, and Beneo’s outstanding sugar-reduction ingredients
    • The Healy Foundation – This quarter we cover corporate sponsorship and our time in Haiti
    • Pevesa Biotech Functional Proteins – Samuel Beales looks at Pevesa’s Protein Hydrolysates range
  • Healy Group January 2016 Newsletter

    Find out what trends are most important to real customers and buyers with Healy News January issue.


    • Food Trends for 2016 – Chosen by our own customers in a recent survey, we report our findings.
    • Kohjin Supplier Feature – We discuss their range of innovative flavour enhancers and yeast extracts. Also featured: Is Kokumi the new Umami?
    • The Healy Foundation – Anthony Healy talks about our charitable activities for 2015’s final quarter
    • Group News – We welcome two new starters to the Healy team
  • Healy Group April 2016 Newsletter

    Issue 6 of Healy News is here, and we’d like to tell you about our activities for this quarter. Read more to find out about:


    • Healy Group Blends – A quick guide to the ready-made solutions we offer
    • Introducing Paul Sheldrake – Read the interview with our new Group Technical Manager
    • Supplier Feature – Learn more about our latest supplier, Tongaat Hulett
    • Kohjin Day – A write-up of our March Kohjin workshops
  • Healy Group October 2016 Newsletter

    Issue 8 of Healy News is here, and we’re as excited as ever to tell you about our latest news, technical developments and charitable activities.


    Read our latest issue to find out more about:


    • The latest innovations from our technical team, including vegan "cheese", gluten-free solutions, flavour enhancement and bespoke blends
    • Emsland Group Symposium report with Commercial Director Mark Powell, covering the latest trends in starches, fibres and proteins
    • The Healy Foundation update including a write-up of our recent 'It's a Knockout' event for the Donna Louise Children's Hospice


  • Healy Group January 2017 Newsletter

    Take a look at Issue 9 of Healy News to read more about:

    - "Time and Energy in 2017" - A technical update from Paul Sheldrake based on your identified trends for 2017
    - "New Year New Me" - Gareth Healy tells us more about BENEO's innovative digestive health solutions
    - "Corporate Support is Crucial" - Anthony Healy brings us all the updates from the Group and Healy Foundation


  • Healy Group April 2017 Newsletter

    Issue 10 of Healy News is here!


    In this issue we have a personal message from Gareth Healy, Group Sales Director, in addition to the following updates from the team:


    - Vegetable Protein Symposium - A full run-down of the day and new solutions from Commercial Director Mark Powell

    - The latest technical updates including salt & fat reduction, clean-label brines and gluten-free blends

    - The Importance of Quality and a brief introduction to our charitable Chia venture from Quality Manager Samuel Beales






  • Healy Group July 2017 Newsletter

    Reducing salt just got easier - read more in Issue 11 of Healy News


    In this issue:


    Salt, Sugar and Fat Reduction – Paul Sheldrake discusses the key findings 

    of our June Reduction Symposium



    • Saltwell® – Learn more about reduced sodium sea salt from new partners Salinity
    • Quality Update – Samuel Beales sheds light on our commitment to the Origin Green initiative
    • A Helping Hand in Haiti – See the full write-up and photos from our visit to Haiti with Haven Partnership
  • Healy News Issue 12



    From Food Matters Live in London to farming in Sub-Saharan Africa, Issue 12 of Healy News is here!


    One-to-One Replacements - Paul Sheldrake discusses the latest in reduction and replacement technologies in the fight against high salt, sugar and fat


    Food Matters Live Invitation - Join us for our first ever UK exhibition! Samual Bambrough has the details on our drop-in workshops


    SenseFi® - Get the full facts on this innovative fat reduction solution from new partner Borregaard


    Healy Chia, A Visit to Uganda - Samuel Beales shares memories and pictures from his recent visit to Africa for Healy Chia

  • Healy News Issue 13


    Get the flavour of 2018 with Issue 13 of Healy News!


    Read our latest issue to find out more about:


    Great Taste of 2018 - More on our range of flavours, enhancers and modulators

    Exter - We discuss our newest suppliers, "The Home of Taste"

    Healy Group Europe - An introduction to our speciality chemicals division

    Group and Charity News - Supporting local initiatives and staff development


    From vegan flavours to sustainability at work, Issue 14 of Healy News is here!


    Technical News - Read the latest technical update featuring vegan flavours and textured vegetable proteins


    Activa®We answer your FAQ's about Ajinomoto's natural enzyme technology


    Quality Update - Read more about our fantastic BRC AA result


    Flavour Workshop - Samual Bambrough shares his write-up from our popular January event