Healy Group's dairy ingredients have been carefully sourced to offer only the best quality and functionality. From cheese to milkshakes, we work closely with our first-class suppliers to develop ingredient blends which improve product performance, shelf-life and nutritional profile.


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Coffee Creamers and Foamers


Fat Powders

Fibres (Apple, Bamboo, Cocoa, Citrus, Pea, Potato, Oat, Wheat, Chicory Root)


Proteins (Potato, Pea, Soy, Whey, Rice)

Protein Isolates (Pea, Soy, Whey, Rice)

Protein Hydrolysates (Pea, Rice, Whey, Casein)

Soy Lecithin

Starches (Potato, Pea, Maize, Whet, Rice, Tapioca) - Native, Clean-Label and Modified

Yeast Extracts