Functional Blends & Food Systems

Healy Group have a number of bespoke technical solutions designed to meet specific industry challenges. We work closely with our customers on individual projects, either by altering or enhancing an existing product, or by  developing new recipes based on a specific brief. Furthermore we will facilitate dedicated supplier presentations, showcasing individual ranges of ingredients.


We have a portfolio of blends and ingredients to assist in the following areas:

Salt, Sugar and Fat Reduction

Protein Enhancement

Fibre and Nutritional Enrichment

Dairy and Egg Replacement

Soy Replacement

Gums and Pectin Reduction and Removal

Additive and E-Number Replacement

Clean-Label Solutions

Functional Fibres and Proteins

Gelatine Reduction and Removal


Some of our recent bespoke blends include:

Natural Functional Brines

Gluten Free - Pizza, Baguette, Tortilla, Cookie, Yorkshire Pudding etc.

Cheese - Analogue, Processed, Vegan

Vitamin & Mineral Blends (Heat Stable & Cold Process)

Mayonnaise - Egg Free, Low Fat