Meat & Seafood

Healy Group have been serving the meat industry since 1985, providing companies with high-quality products and technical solutions. Whether it’s innovative meat processing aids and brines, or ingredients used to overcome cooking and slicing loss, we have the solution for you.


Alongside our suppliers, Healy Group have a wealth of technical expertise at our disposal, and our combined experience and solution-driven attitude make us the go-to partner for existing product lines and new ventures. If you require meat ingredients at competitive prices, or have a challenge for our technical team, contact us now.





Citric Acic


Fibres (Apple, Bamboo, Cocoa, Citrus, Pea, Potato, Oat, Wheat, Chicory Root)

Flavour Enhancers

Functional Brines

Guar Gum

Gum Arabic/Acacia


Kikkoman Soy Sauce, Liquid & Powder- Available in Standard, Less Salt and Gluten Free (Tamari)


Locust Bean Gum

Proteins (Potato, Pea, Soy, Whey, Rice)

Protein Isolates (Pea, Soy, Whey, Rice)

Protein Hydrolysates (Pea, Rice, Whey, Casein)


Starches (Potato, Pea, Maize, Whet, Rice, Tapioca) - Native, Clean-Label and Modified

Textured Vegetable Proteins


Yeast Extracts

Xanthan Gum